Welcome to Buckingham Montessori School 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide outstanding early years education for all children to gain independence, self-respect, basic principles and family values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a holistic child-centered environment where children are able to learn through our combined Montessori and EYFS teaching Methods.

Opening Times

We are open 51 weeks of the year excluding Bank holidays, full time and part time places available for children from 3 months to 5 years. Open 7.30 am to 6pm daily.


Free 15 hours NEG funded places a week!

top facilities

Beautiful Setting. Wooden equipment. Safe secure premises with car park.


Healthy nutritious food cooked fresh on site!

Why Buckingham Montessori School

Buckingham Montessori School is a home away from home, a place where children learn and thrive knowing that they are valued.

Our aim is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can grow and learn through creative play.

Our fully equipped Montessori environment provides stimulating experiences for children aged 3 months to 5 years to help them achieve their full potential.



Friendly happy staff making the children feeling secure and cared for.


Level 3 and above in childcare education


All staff highly experienced within the childcare sector

Play Areas

Providing a range of indoor and outdoor play areas.


Following EYFS and Montessori methods.


Encouraging development and fun learning

Our Staff

At Buckingham Montessori School we ensure our staffing levels meet if not exceed the regulations set down by Ofsted. All our staff are fully vetted and highly experienced within the early years sector.

Indoor Play Areas

The play area is separated for our two to three year olds and our older children, however, the children can mix with the older or  younger children. This forms a mini community in which the younger ones can learn from watching what the older ones do and in turn, the older ones increase in confidence and reaffirm their own knowledge by helping the younger ones to carry out activities. The rules of the community depend on respect – respect for each other and respect for the things and activities they all share. The way the environment is laid out requires that the children put things back on the shelves ready for someone else to use and the fact that there is only one of each piece of material helps the children develop patience and self-control.

Stretch & Grow

Stretch n Grow is a specially designed fitness program for toddlers, pre-school and young primary school children, and our aim is to teach as many children as possible the basics of proper exercise, nutrition, and related health issues in a really fun and exciting way. 

We provide 30 minute classes to monthly fun themes such as Magic, Space, Pirates, Jungle, Circus or Dinosaurs.

Mixed age groups in the Montessori environment

At Buckingham Montessori School, we have an open plan room where the younger and older children can play together and learn from each other by watching what the older ones do and the older ones increase in confidence and reaffirm their own knowledge by helping the younger ones to carry out activities. Our 2-3 year old’s and 3-5 year olds also have separate play areas to use if they so wish to.

What The Parents Say

Our Nursery Rooms

We have three main classes in our nursery; ‘The Nest’ which caters for children aged 3 months to 2 years, ‘The Children’s House’ that caters for our older children that is separated for our 2-3 year old’s and our 3-5 year old’s. We also encourage  the two different age groups to mix and play with each-other. 

At Buckingham Montessori School we also have many extra classes such as Drama, French, Stretch and Grow and Martial Arts. All extra classes are subject to parents wanting them.

Months Old
Class Size

The Nest

A specially designed room with lower shelves for our younger children. Sensory wall panels, mirrored walls and treasure baskets.

Months Old
Class Size

The Children’s House

The Children’s house is filled with brightly coloured beautiful, scientifically designed materials catering for our 2-5 year old’s.

Your Children


Buckingham Montessori School ensures your child’s safety within all our operations, procedures and activities. One of our main objectives is to provide a safe, secure and happy environment so we make no compromise when it comes to securing your child’s safety whilst they are in our care. We have CCTV cameras in operation 24/7 to ensure the highest possible security for the children, parents and staff. We set extremely high standards with children being supervised at all times by caring, experienced and fully trained staff inside and outside the nursery rooms.


We ensure that our Montessori School provides a calm, caring and welcoming atmosphere in which children can develop at their own pace with their individual needs being met. Each child is assigned a key worker who will help your child in settling in and also to create a special bond with you and your child.


We integrate Montessori Methodology with EYFS principles and we believe this is the best practice to make a stimulating and fun environment for our little ones!

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities

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